FBI releases transcript of Mafia initiation ceremony
14 Nov 2017

By Ella Wills, Evening Standard

A transcript detailing an initiation ceremony into the Mafia in Canada has been released by the FBI.

An undercover police agent was inducted into the Bonanno crime family, one of New York’s five crime organisations, as part of an organised crime probe into drugs, guns and money.

In November 2015, Damiano Zummo, a mobster from the Bonanno crime family, travelled to Canada to conduct an initiation ceremony of a new member, according to court papers filed after his arrest, The Times reported.

But the recruit was an undercover agent sponsored by police from the US and Canada to record video and audio of the ceremony.

“The reason why we’re here is from this day forward, you’re gonna be an official member of the Bonanno family,” Mr Zummo said, according to the papers.

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