How we helped Play’n GO automate KYC operations

Published on Jan 29, 2024

About the Client

Play’n GO is a leading B2B online games provider. Based in Malta, they have developed many of the world’s leading casino games. Now with a portfolio of over 300 premium titles, Play’n GO deliver their games to remote gaming operators and resellers globally.
Play’n GO faces unique challenges in ensuring compliance with rigorous standards, especially concerning Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Their software, subjected to rigorous compliance processes, must adhere to regulations from various jurisdictions, including Sweden, the UK and Malta. 

“To have a clean, concise sheet of operators (clients) fully up to scratch where all due diligence has been completed, that would add so much value.”
Jurgen Pavanello, MLRO, Play’n GO


ComprehensiveThe Challenge

With an extensive background in banking and payments, industries well-versed in the intricacies of regulatory landscapes, Jurgen is tackling key business challenges in AML/CFT compliance. Supported by the company’s board and his team, he faces these challenges head-on, navigating a landscape where meeting compliance requirements and fostering innovation require thoughtful solutions. 

  • Navigating diverse regulatory landscapes: Play’n Go operates in multiple jurisdictions, necessitating compliance with diverse regulatory frameworks. The company faced challenges harmonising requirements from key markets such as the UK, Malta, and Sweden.
  • Evolving risk assessment strategies: The initial risk assessment hinged on a simplistic low, medium, and high categorisation, proving inadequate in grasping nuances and assigning suitable risk levels to different elements in the gaming ecosystem. While Play’n GO recognised the necessity for a more comprehensive approach, the journey toward building refined risk profiles involves incorporating relevant factors within their scope and assigning numerical ratings and respective weightings to accurately depict the diverse degrees of risk.
  • Enhancing data handling practices: Manually extracting and processing KYC information proved to be both time-consuming and error-prone, presenting challenges in terms of efficiency and accuracy. The absence of automated tools not only hindered operational efficiency but also exposed the company to potential risks associated with incomplete or inaccurate data.
    Jurgen Pavanello highlighted the critical role KYC solutions played in meeting regulatory standards and obligations. 
    Compliance with responsible gambling and anti-money laundering regulations is crucial to building trust with operators.
“Our commitment to compliance is the bedrock of trust with our operators; our reputation hinges on it.”
Jurgen Pavanello, MLRO, Play’n GO


ScreeningThe Solution: Screening and Onboarding

The primary motivation for Play’n GO’s investment in KYC solutions was to add value to the business. A clean and well-documented operator portfolio, with thorough customer due diligence significantly enhances the company’s overall worth.

Play’n GO sought to automate their screening and onboarding processes, leading to the adoption of KYC360 solutions. Integration with their home-grown customer relationship management (CRM) system proved transformative in handling ongoing reviews, streamlining processes and ensuring a more efficient workflow.

The implementation journey involved overcoming challenges and ongoing collaboration with KYC360’s support team. Discussions with our experts contributed to refining the solution and adapting it to Play’n GO’s evolving needs.

“Rather than going through multiple sources of information and databases, with KYC360 I have all the information I need in a single report.”
Jurgen Pavanello, MLRO, Play’n GO


OptimiseOutcome and Benefits

  • Comprehensive risk profiles and accuracy of risk assessments: Play’n GO has transitioned from a simplistic tickbox approach to embrace a more dynamic, risk-based strategy, marked by an accurate and realistic assessment of potential risks. This involves the meticulous construction of customer profiles, organisation of corporate structures, and identification of corresponding due diligence requirements at each layer. Additionally, the incorporation of relevant risk factors entails assigning calculated and weighted numerical risk schemas for selected criteria. This evolution allows for enhanced due diligence precisely where it is needed. The introduction of new fields has proven instrumental in expanding our scope for sanction and politically exposed person (PEP) screening, casting a wider net across individuals and entities alike.
  • Efficiency gains, user satisfaction, and audit: The incorporation of KYC360 solutions has yielded substantial efficiency gains, notably reducing manual work in data collection, extraction and processing for internal staff. Customers appreciate the streamlined process, with mandatory fields introduced upfront, significantly minimising the typical back-and-forth associated with onboarding. In addition to efficiency improvements, Jurgen and his team benefit from a clearer overview, presented in a concise report. Such an implementation ensured a robust record of activities, providing proof of compliance and reinforcing Play’n GO’s commitment to transparency and accountability. This holistic approach not only enhances user satisfaction but also strengthens the company’s auditing capabilities.


Rapid_ROIFuture Enhancements

Play’n GO envisions further enhancements, particularly in the area of life cycle management and is looking to facilitate ongoing updates without relying on manual intervention. Working with KYC360, this remains a key consideration for the future.


Full_ComplianceCompliance as an Opportunity

In his role as MLRO, Jurgen Pavanello recognises the importance of striking a balance between compliance requirements and business objectives for achieving success. Jurgen underscores the necessity for the compliance function to effectively communicate in a language comprehensible to senior management, advocating for the proactive promotion of compliance within the business. 

He emphasises the transformation of compliance from being perceived as a burden to presenting it as an opportunity, highlighting that compliance professionals should also act as adept “salespersons” in conveying the strategic value of compliance to senior management. Jurgen asserts that for this shift to occur, compliance must be willing to take calculated risks to showcase its potential as a valuable opportunity.

“As compliance professionals, we need understand the business so that we can demonstrate the value of compliance to the board. That’s the most challenging part. If I can talk in a language the board understands, it becomes a win-win for the business”
Jurgen Pavanello, MLRO, Play’n GO



In conclusion, the collaboration between Play’n GO and KYC360 has resulted in a significant transformation of their risk and compliance processes. The integration of KYC360 and Play’n GO’s CRM has not only addressed existing challenges but also positioned Play’n GO for future success in the dynamic gaming and gambling industry.


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