Rapid deployment

Our goal is to help you generate real returns quickly through rapid deployment of our solutions enabling you to maximise ROI through operational efficiency gains, improved management information (MI) and high-impact risk mitigation. 

Our customer-focused implementation team manage every aspect of the delivery of your solution from beginning to end, to ensure you obtain maximum utilisation from your KYC360 solutions.

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Our team’s deep subject matter expertise (including ICA qualified team members) and project management skillset, enables sharp focus with the end-goal in mind, working closely with you to co-design how best to implement our solutions specific to your use cases.

The team ensures a seamless transition from pre-sales through the implementation process, and then into support and ongoing account management. During the implementation process your team will be upskilled so that you become fully self-sufficient and realise all the benefits from your KYC360 solutions. The same team handle both implementation and support, so they know how your solutions are configured and can work to resolve any queries you have effectively and efficiently.

If you have any questions, you can contact the implementation and support team on

Customer support

Our Customer Success team provides a level of support that consistently results in CSAT scores that significantly exceed the industry average. We achieved a 4.5/5 CSAT score in 2023.

We do not outsource support. All support queries are handled by our team directly with KPIs designed to achieve both speed of response and accuracy so that any issues you encounter are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Our Learner Management System with a full suite of online training modules is designed to familiarise and enable your staff to drive maximise utilisation from our solutions.

Advisory services

We have considerable expertise in helping businesses to optimise their approach to customer risk management thus helping to avoid the mistake of digitising flawed existing processes.

Our Implementation Advisory services are available for guidance on a range of areas including optimising customer risk frameworks, risk-based screening parameters and customer onboarding journeys.