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Commercial outperformance built on effective compliance

Significantly increased compliance costs have not stemmed the tide of enforcement actions, fines, and damaging news headlines in the financial services sector. Ineffectual manual processes cannot manage the risks inherent in millions of customer relationships involving billions of data points.

The industry now demands a better return on its compliance investment and the most competitive organisations are investing heavily in regulatory technologies that help them achieve a virtuous circle in which the way they comply allows them to outperform commercially by doing more, better business, faster.

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AML and KYC vulnerabilities for Financial Services

An in-depth look into the issue to help you to identify weaknesses in your existing compliance framework.

Why KYC360 for Financial Services?

The KYC360 platform enables you to onboard, screen and risk assess your customer relationships dynamically whilst delivering a better client experience, enhanced level of compliance assurance and reduced costs. The result is a measurable level of commercial outperformance built upon a solid foundation of effective compliance.

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Compliance process transformation  

Replace manual, error-prone compliance tasks at onboarding and throughout the client lifecycle with automated, risk-based and flexible solutions that allow you to accelerate your time to revenue and customer time to service without compromising compliance assurance.


Meet regulator expectations fast 

We leverage the lessons of over thirty years of compliance experience in the legal profession and financial services industry to help firms accelerate their ability to comply with new and rapidly evolving regulatory standards.

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Outstanding client experience  

Achieve a competitive advantage by complying with award-winning technology that delivers a first-rate client experience.

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Ease of 

Ease of integration with your existing systems is vital to rapid ROI. Our no code solutions can be configured, integrated and deployed either on-premise or with two-way RESTful API solutions to best suit your requirements in multi-tenanted or private cloud infrastructures.

Industry requirements 
Evolving regulatory landscape

Regulatory requirements and compliance obligations are continually evolving in your industry. Staying up to date with these changes and implementing necessary adjustments to processes and systems can be challenging.

Addressing requirements across multiple jurisdictions

Financial services business often across borders where the regulatory environment can change. Being able to define and enforce risk-based profiles and standards across jurisdictions, better protects businesses.

Increasing complexity of data

Customers increasingly interact through multiple channels, many of which are digital and generate vast amounts of data. Many financial services companies struggle to aggregate and analyse this data effectively, making it challenging to gain a holistic view of the customer and accurately identify potential risks.

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How we help Financial Services Comply and Outperform

The KYC360 platform has helped Financial Services companies transform their compliance process and deliver outstanding customer experience. Take a look at our case studies to read their stories.

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