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As the role of law firms as gatekeepers to the financial services industry has come into sharper focus in recent years, the pressure to demonstrate effective compliance with AML and KYC obligations has increased.

KYC360 was founded by a group of regulatory lawyers, dedicated to improving compliance standards by making it easy to do the right thing.  We understand the unique challenges faced by law firms in collecting and assessing KYC from clients and fee earners who view compliance as an impediment to doing business.  We combine word-class outreach capabilities with excellent in-app UBO and corporate structure research, to enable you do as much research as possible in-house, and our smart onboarding capabilities distinguish between the risk rating of clients and matters, to ensure your risk scoring is always up to date.

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AML & KYC vulnerabilities in Law

An in-depth look into the issue to help you to identify weaknesses in your existing compliance framework.

Why KYC360 for Law and Accountancy Firms? 

Our award-winning solutions address their specific challenges by offering customer onboarding, screening and lifecycle management solutions that enhance risk management, streamline compliance processes and maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism - all at a lower cost and with fewer resources. 

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Compliance process transformation  

Replace manual, error-prone compliance tasks at onboarding and throughout the client lifecycle with automated, risk-based and flexible solutions that allow you to accelerate your time to revenue and customer time to service without compromising compliance assurance.


Meet regulator expectations fast 

We leverage the lessons of over thirty years of compliance experience in the legal profession and financial services industry to help law firms accelerate their ability to comply with new and rapidly evolving regulatory standards.

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Outstanding client experience  

Achieve a competitive advantage by complying with award-winning technology that delivers a first-rate client experience.

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Ease of 

Ease of integration with your existing systems is vital to rapid ROI. Our no- code solutions can be configured, integrated and deployed either on-premise or with two-way RESTful API solutions to best suit your requirements in multi-tenanted or private cloud infrastructures.

Industry requirements 

Complex client relationships 

Your firm will often engage with a diverse range of clients, including individuals, corporations, and government entities. Managing complex client relationships, conducting proper due diligence and assessing potential conflicts of interest require advanced screening technologies that can analyse client data, monitor adverse media and identify potential risks effectively. 

Conflict of interest management 

Identifying and managing conflicts of interest is a critical challenge for your business. Advanced screening technologies can help identify potential conflicts by analysing client data, relationships and prior engagements. By streamlining conflict checking processes, you can avoid conflicts of interest, protect client interests and maintain professional integrity.

Integration with practice management systems

Efficient integration with practice management systems is vital for your business to streamline KYC, screening, and onboarding processes. Seamless data flow between systems, such as client relationship management (CRM), document management and billing systems, can optimise workflows, enhance collaboration and improve overall operational efficiency. 

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