Bribery: Rosneft CEO fails to appear over Ulyukayev case
14 Nov 2017


Rosneft oil company’s CEO Igor Sechin on Monday did not appear before court for questioning as a witness in the bribery case against Russia’s ex-economy minister Alexey Ulyukayev, RAPSI reported from Moscow’s Zamoskvoretsky District Court.

A motion for interrogation of Sechin has been lodged by prosecution.

On September 5, Sechin signed a statement forwarded to the Federal Security Service FSB chief claiming that Ulyukayev tried to extort $2 million.

According to Sechin, Ulyukayev demanded money for allowing Rosneft to privatize Bashneft oil company.

On the same day, a high-ranking official of the Corporate Governance Department in the Economy Ministry Yulia Moskvitina testified that Ulyukayev personally initiated removal of Rosneft from a list of potential privatizers of Bashneft.

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