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The KYC360 platform has helped hundreds of companies around the world from a wide range of sectors transform their compliance process and deliver outstanding customer experience. Take a look at our case studies to read their stories.

Financial Services

The finance industry demands a better return on its compliance investment and the most competitive organisations are investing heavily in regulatory technologies that help them achieve a virtuous circle in which the way they comply allows them to outperform commercially by doing more, better business, faster. See how we've helped them...

Altum Logo
Revolutionising onboarding and screening for Altum Group
They recognised the need for a streamlined and efficient onboarding process that aligns with their ambitious growth plans and seamlessly integrates with their core business platform, NavOne. To help deliver this, Altum chose to partner with KYC360, a leading KYC platform vendor renowned for its deep subject matter expertise and commitment to customer success.
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Transforming onboarding and screening for CoinPayments
CoinPayments faced a crucial challenge that demanded an innovative solution. The challenge revolved around the intricate process of onboarding merchants while simultaneously upholding stringent compliance measures mandated by the regulatory landscape.
Oak Group logo
How we helped Oak Group unify their screening processes
As the Oak Group was the result of the coming together of four separate businesses, not surprisingly each carried the legacy of a completely different set of compliance processes and procedures.
Major Banking Group logo
Revolutionising customer onboarding for a major banking group
KYC360 were approached by a major banking group operating across multiple jurisdictions. The Bank recognised that its traditional customers in certain segments were seeking more agile banking solutions and so when reviewing this need alongside regulatory requirements, were seeking to digitise the client onboarding experience of their account opening process.
Investment Advisor logo
How we transformed the onboarding process for an investment advisor
A new money laundering reporting officer (MLRO) had been appointed and upon their arrival immediately realised that the company needed to dramatically improve and update its onboarding processes. The existing processes and procedures simply weren’t capable of screening for risk at the level that the sector demanded.
Finance Company logo
How we helped a finance company handle increased regulatory pressures
Some of the jurisdictions that they operate in have been subjected to increased pressure from regulatory authorities. As a result, there was an urgent need to improve the screening processes across every office to ensure that they were fully compliant at all times, regardless of their geographic location.

Gaming and Gambling

The gaming industry is at the frontier of financial crime prevention and player safety. The industry is under enhanced scrutiny and increasingly complex regulatory standards with little cross-border consistency. The industry’s compliance challenge is complicated by the need for speed and high volumes of players. See how we've helped them...

Play N Go logo
How we helped Play’n GO automate KYC operations
Play’n GO faces unique challenges in ensuring compliance with rigorous standards, especially concerning Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Their software, subjected to rigorous compliance processes, must adhere to regulations from various jurisdictions, including Sweden, the UK and Malta.
Gaming Company logo
How we helped a Gaming company streamline customer onboarding
Our client, a prominent player in the online gaming industry, is faced with the challenge of complying with new regulations that necessitate rigorous customer screening and enhanced due diligence (EDD) processes. The operator caters to a vast and diverse player base, onboarding over 50,000 new players monthly, spanning multiple jurisdictions and under the oversight of various regulatory bodies.
Gaming Company logo
How we helped a Gaming company enhance player screening efficiency
With a diverse and dynamic player base, they face the complex challenge of conducting effective Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening. Their existing screening system is rigid, slow and generates an overwhelming number of false positives.

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