KYC360 is a community of anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention professionals drawn from the financial services industry, law enforcement, and regulators. It operates at the forefront of the global fight against financial crime.

Trusted by AML and compliance professionals worldwide, its contributors include leading figures from the worlds of finance, law enforcement, academia, government and trans-national bodies.

KYC360 is independent. KYC360 reports on and analyses issues without fear or favour. Its editorial and events content is supervised by an Advisory Panel of internationally recognised thought leaders.

As of November 2017, all content on KYC360 is available to everyone following the removal of the paywall. All readers – from long-term members to new visitors – can browse and enjoy our entire catalogue of news, analysis and interactive tools free of charge.

KYC360’s smart CPD Wallet allows professionals to create an effortless record of their evolving AML expertise, while the depth and breadth of the content on offer enables professionals to send a powerful message – both internally and externally – that they take financial crime prevention seriously. It shows they are committed to ensuring their staff understand the link between what they do (and how they do it), and numerous predicate crime types including drug trafficking, bribery and corruption, human trafficking, terrorism and sanctions evasion.

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