Countless regulatory enforcement actions across the globe have resulted from failure by businesses to dynamically maintain accurate KYC information for their customers during the lifecycle of business relationships.

The pKYC solution links seamlessly with the Onboarding and Screening solutions to deliver an end-to-end process that allows you to digitally manage customer KYC automatically in a fully risk based and compliant manner.

Capable of automating KYC dynamically for large volumes of customers allowing you to benefit from massive operational efficiencies, improved CX and a higher level of compliance assurance.

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Tailored outreach to gather the KYC data automated to your requirements and the risk profile of individual customers
Central KYC repository with live risk model that adapts to changes in group risk models or external stimuli including screening results 
Event driven periodic reviews
On-boarding_Journey small
Workflow for periodic reviews
Applicable to individuals and corporate customers
Fully automated outreach

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The complex regulatory landscape and threat of harsher enforcement actions are forcing firms to review their compliance processes. It is crucial for firms to dynamically maintain accurate customer information as client risk profiles can change quickly. 

An automated approach can increase operational efficiencies and scalability.  It can also free up staff from burdensome repetitive work and allow them to focus on core business activities. However, there are a variety of challenges for firms considering a transition to pKYC. 


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