Ad Hoc Screening vs Batch Screening

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Key Differences

Ad-Hoc Screening vs Batch Screening

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Ad Hoc Screening

RiskScreen, powered by KYC360 technology, allows users to easily conduct one-off searches. Searches are conducted using credits and you can see the full pricing here. This simple and intuitive solution is ideal for conducting rapid one-off searches as often as needed on any desktop or mobile device. The solution can be used by an unlimited number of employees within the same organisation at no extra cost. Get started in minutes.   

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Batch Screening

Batch Screening is an award-winning module of KYC360's Customer Lifecycle Management platform. The solution is designed to enable businesses to screen volumes of customers (from hundreds to millions of names) overnight in a fully automated and risk-based manner. The solution also includes an option to screen higher risk customers against adverse media sources.  

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