Sayari and KYC360


Sayari, a leader in corporate KYB intelligence, is instrumental in dissecting complex business structures. Our partnership with Sayari ensures that you gain unparalleled insight into the ownership, affiliations, and hierarchies of businesses. This is crucial for risk assessment and compliance in an increasingly interconnected business world.

Key people
Business relationships
  • Fully integrated into KYC360 Onboarding
  • Enhance your KYB lookups using the world’s largest database of companies
  • Identify UBOs & controllers, and multiple layers of corporate hierarchy
  • ‘Reverse Search’ – search an individual to discover their corporate links
  • Visualise & Search across hundreds of millions of pre-built profiles and corporate hierarchies


Remediation - no border



Visualisation & Search

Hundreds of millions of pre-built profiles, corporate hierarchies, and network visualisations, searchable globally.

Financial Crime Graph Analytics

Preset and customisable financial crime graph analytics, powered by the most scalable database technology on the market

Documentation & Sourcing

Watch list data is drawn from hundreds of state, federal, national and transnational watch lists.



Bringing advanced KYB data to KYC360 Onboarding

Sayari powers investigative and analytical workflows across the financial crime compliance and risk management enterprise.

We have fully integrated Sayari into KYC360 Onboarding bringing data on 455m companies across 200+ jurisdictions, which includes 498m people and 877m business relationships.

The Sayari Graph tool enables users to quickly navigate complex, cross-border corporate structures with network visualisations directly within the onboarding process.

Sayari Screenshot