Gain competitive advantage without compromising compliance standards 

At KYC360 we understand the unique challenges faced by insurance companies in today’s fast paced and highly regulated London market.

Our end-to-end platform helps insurance businesses with seamless onboarding of customers, screening and lifecycle risk management all of which are vital for maintaining regulatory compliance, reducing risk and enhancing customer experience. 

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vulnerabilities in Insurance

An in-depth look into the issue to help you to identify weaknesses in your existing compliance framework.

Why KYC360 for Insurance? 

With extensive knowledge from supporting some of the biggest names in the insurance market to gain a competitive advantage through the way they comply, KYC360 can help insurance companies to transform business processes, enhance risk management, improve market efficiency, foster collaboration, strengthen data protection and deliver exceptional customer experiences within the unique context of the London market.   

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Compliance process transformation  

Replace manual, error-prone compliance tasks at onboarding and throughout the client lifecycle with automated, risk based and flexible solutions that allow you to accelerate your time to revenue and customer time to service without compromising compliance assurance.


Meet regulator expectations fast 

We leverage the lessons of over thirty years of compliance experience in the wider financial services industry to help insurance businesses accelerate their ability to comply with new and rapidly evolving regulatory standards in the London market.

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Outstanding client experience  

Achieve a competitive advantage by complying with award-winning technology that delivers a first-rate client experience.

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Ease of 

Ease of integration with your existing systems is vital to rapid ROI. Our no- code solutions can be configured, integrated and deployed either on-premise or with two-way RESTful API solutions to best suit your requirements in multi-tenanted or private cloud infrastructures.

Industry requirements 

Complying with London market regulations 

Operating in the London market requires adherence to specific regulations set out by the Lloyd’s market and other regulatory bodies. These regulations require robust KYC processes, effective screening measures and compliant onboarding procedures. You need technologies that align with these unique regulatory requirements.

Complex market relationships

Managing the complex relationships between brokers, underwriters, managing agents, syndicates and others isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to ensuring accurate due diligence and identifying potential conflicts of interest. This requires advanced KYC and screening technologies tailored to the intricacies of the London market.

Effective market collaboration and data exchange

The London market thrives on collaboration and data exchange among its participants. Implementing technologies that facilitate secure and standardised data sharing, streamline document exchange and enable efficient collaboration between brokers, underwriters and other stakeholders, is essential for improving market efficiency, reducing friction and enhancing customer experience.

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