Desired Outcomes

For most businesses compliance is a brake but the way they comply can be an accelerator. With KYC360’s solutions businesses can achieve a measurable level of commercial outperformance built upon a solid foundation of effective compliance. 


Drive operational efficiencies

Streamline your operations with advanced analytics, reporting, scalability and flexible integration capabilities that enable efficient compliance in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Cut costs and increase the profitability of your relationships

  • Consolidate vendor relationships
  • Generate significant FTE savings

Free up your staff for higher value tasks

  • Automate repetitive manual work at every stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Collect only what is necessary from customers, helping them and helping you

Reduce your technology spend

  • Take disparate processes and solutions and consolidate them onto one award-winning platform


Rapid ROI

Get more clients onboarded faster, reduce KYC risks and monitor the entire process with easy-to-use solutions that speed up your time to revenue and your customer’s time to value.

Ease and speed of integration

  • Realise the value of your investment in our no code technology in days and weeks, not months and years, through rapid integration and configuration 

Reduce time to revenue in customer relationships

  • Onboard clients up to 80% faster, delivering value to your business and your customers 



Master complexity

KYC360 simplifies the task of onboarding complex clients with dynamic forms, top-tier KYC and KYB data and automation. 

Simplify your processes

  • Your customers, your processes and your business operations are complex. We provide a single unified platform that enables you to consolidate disparate processes across your organisation into a single flow 

Save time for you and your customers

  • Ensure you get the right data to the right standard, first time

  • Follow and evidence the risk-based approach dynamically

  • Our platform automates the identification, organisation and validation for both customers and suppliers – however complex the relationship

Onboard more customers faster, and in the right way

  • Deliver your KYC target operating model across all jurisdictions and business lines


Dramatically improved CX

Reduce drop offs and churn and improve customer satisfaction by accelerating  the time it takes your customers to start using your services.

Make the right first impression

  • Implement processes that are built around your customers’ needs and expectations to reduce drop off and churn

Turn prospects into customers at the speed of business

  • Treat your customers in the way they want to be treated

  • Differentiate your offering by delivering an onboarding experience that is tailored to your customers

  • Avoid duplication in collecting data from customers and related parties

Reduce churn

  • Let customers do it their way in your branded environment



Established by the original founder of the International Compliance Association, KYC360 offers unmatched AML/KYC expertise. Our award-winning technology informed by our global community of users help organisations meet rapidly evolving regulatory requirements

Have confidence in technology designed by experts

  • Established and led by the founder of the International Compliance Association, our award-winning technology and global community of Ops and Compliance professionals help organisations outperform while meeting evolving regulatory requirements
  • We have a profound understanding of the challenges you face, the outcomes you desire and how to achieve them. This is the first design principle for all our solutions

Benefit from actionable insights from a global community of customers

  • When you partner with us, we don’t just deliver technology but expertise on how to make it work for your business in achieving maximum ROI

Discover how KYC360 can help
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