API & Integration

The KYC360 Customer Lifecycle Management Platform is architected for rapid deployment to ensure you benefit from its capabilities as quickly as possible. Our flagship SaaS platform is flexible, fully configurable and modular to get you up and running with minimal integration effort.

The software is designed for ease of integration with your existing systems enabling you to continue to leverage the existing investments you’ve made.

Integration is made available using two key approaches:

  • Pre-built connectors to connect to your existing back-end systems.
  • A comprehensive, two-way RESTful application programming interface (API) to integrate your existing or third-party systems.


Application Connectors

KYC360 comes with pre-built connectors designed for integration with the most common back-end systems. These include integration with:




KYC360 provides four subscription levels to suit your specific screening and onboarding requirements:

Table showing four subscription levels for screening and onboarding

For more details, see the API documentation.