Ad-Hoc Screening

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The ability to quickly screen prospects or customers against datasets or adverse media sources on-line is essential. Our intuitive web-based manual screening solution ‘RiskScreen’ powered by KYC360 technology allows you and your employees to rapidly conduct manual screening across global sanctions, PEP and watchlist information provided by leading data provider Dow Jones as well as the whole of the world wide web from mainstream news to blog and social posts.

Simply purchase credits here and perform as many one-off searches as and when you need them. With no limit on the number of users you can deploy the use of RiskScreen across your organisation and empower all lines of defence against financial crime.


Key RiskScreen benefits:



Risk-based approach

Risk-based approach into your business processes and meeting your regulatory requirements


No user limit

We price by searches, not seats, so no need to share passwords or worry about your user numbers, wherever in the world they might be


Alias Names

Dow Jones' data includes alias names for 'bad actors', while our unique search tools take into account all common name variants, across multiple languages



Images help users identify whether potential matches are true or false - and our data sets include colour pictures when available


MRZ analyser

RiskScreen's optional MRZ analyser allows you to analyse and validate passport MRZ data


Customisable Sources

Improve review times by excluding irrelevant URLs from your company's adverse media searches

Key RiskScreen features:

RiskScreen is designed to be simple and intuitive to use – speeding up your processes, reassuring your auditors and improving satisfaction of staff and customers alike.

Conduct AML Screening

Start your initial screen with a search of a company or individual name across global sanctions, PEP and watch list information provided by leading data provider, Dow Jones. Red flags indicate matches to investigate.

Search Adverse Live Media

Search the whole of the world wide web - from mainstream news to blog and social posts - for references to your subject. Exclude irrelevant URLs, and highlight mentions of interest.

Generate reports

Consolidate your findings in a single report for future reference or audit. Include your assessment of your subject's risk level, the reasons why, and links to relevant media and supervisor comment.

Use RiskScreen, our ad-hoc screening module, for simple one-off screening searches

  • Searches world-leading Dow Jones AML data sets
  • Allows unlimited users

  • Live adverse media search engine

  • EDD reporting option

  • Optional MRZ analyser tool

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You can select the volume of search credits you need. A standard search will use 1 search credit, an EDD search will use 10 search credits. All search credits will expire at the end of each billing period. 

Monthly search credits:

search credits
£105.00 / Monthly
search credits
£135.00 / Monthly
search credits
£225.00 / Monthly
search credits
£395.00 / Monthly


Annual search credits:

search credits
£1,050.00 / Annual
search credits
£1,350.00 / Annual
search credits
£2,250.00 / Annual
search credits
£3,950.00 / Annual


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