KYC360 Announces New Enhancements to Screening

Published on Jun 11, 2024

KYC360 is delighted to announce enhancements to our modular screening solution, which makes up part of our award-winning Customer Lifecycle Management platform.  

User Performance Dashboard

The new User Performance Dashboard will enable admins to understand trends and input a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Sanctioned, PEP and Live AVM results. This allows admins to access and better understand the performance of staff at a glance. Here they will be able to see how many matches, by type, a user has dispositioned within a set time period set against their peers in the same handler group and/or business unit.  

Picture1-1 User Performance 2


Matches Dashboard 

The new Matches Dashboard gives admin users a summary of all potential, flagged and discounted matches split by alert type. This enables them to provide operational and management information communications with easy access to data on alert counts over a period of time and enables them to quickly spot trends and themes of alert spikes and dispositioning matches. Admin users can create their own customised view of summary CS and AVM matches with a simple drop-down menu.  

Matches Dashboard

Comply and Outperform 

Overall, these enhancements further streamline the screening process, giving users easy access to visualised key information. This generates significant operational efficiencies, enabling users to comply and outperform with the end-to-end KYC360 Customer Lifecycle Management platform.


Screening is part of our complete Customer Lifecycle Management platform

KYC360’s suite of Client Lifecycle Management software solutions is designed to transform your business processes enabling you to outperform commercially through operational efficiency gains and superior CX whilst remaining fully compliant with evolving regulatory standards.

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