KYC360 Weekly Roundup - 1st Dec 2023

Published on Dec 01, 2023

Top stories this week: 

Money laundering and organised crime | EBA extends AML/CFT controls to crypto service providers | FSB issues warning about complex crypto firms

Welcome to this week’s AML Roundup. Anti-money laundering news this week includes a detailed look at how organised crime operations rely on money laundering. The UK government plans to ban SIM farms to stop scammers and there’s a useful summary of AML policies, controls and procedures for solicitors.

In a major development, the European Banking Authority is extending AML/CFT controls to crypto-asset service providers bringing them in line with other financial services companies and the FCA proposes a package of measure to stop greenwashing of sustainable investment products.

In crypto news, the FSB warns about the risks posed by complex crypto firms and there’s more on the fallout from the conviction of Sam Bankman-Fried. There’s also news on the latest consultation launched by the UK’s Gambling Commission on making gambling safer.

To complete this week’s Roundup, we provide you with further money laundering, fraud, corruption and bribery updates from around the world. In addition, there is sanctions news from the EU as they introduce humanitarian exceptions on sanctions regimes for 10 countries.


Financial_ServicesMoney Laundering, Fraud & Corruption

Money laundering and its use by organised crime

A longer read from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) on how money laundering is at the centre of organised crime operations.

UK government plans legislation to ban SIM farms

In an effort to combat cyber fraud, the UK government is set to ban SIM farms. These are single devices that carry 4 or more SIM cards and have the ability to make phone calls and send text messages. They are often used by scammers to send bulk messages and spam texts, all with little to no identity verification process.

AML policies, controls and procedures for solicitors

A helpful summary of the questions solicitors should ask, to ensure they get their AML policies right.

RequirementsLegislation, Regulation and Sustainability

EBA extends AML/CFT guidelines to supervisors of crypto-asset service providers (CASPs)

The European Banking Authority has extended its anti-money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) risk-based supervision guidelines to supervisors of crypto-asset service providers (CASPs). Crypto service providers can present high ML/TF risks and the EBA are keen to demonstrate a consistent approach to threats, wherever they may be coming from.

FCA outlines package of measures to minimise greenwashing

The UK Financial regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has moved to improve the trust and transparency of sustainable investment products and minimise greenwashing. It has confirmed that new rules will come into effect next year as part of its new Sustainability Disclosure Requirements.

EBA consults on new travel rule guidelines for crypto asset transfers

The EBA has also released its proposal to implement the crypto travel rule in line with the Financial Action Task Force international (FATF) standard. These rules are focused on “preventing the abuse of funds and certain crypto-assets transfers for money laundering and terrorist financing purposes”.


Gambling_GamingGaming and Gambling

GGambling Commission launches consultations on making gambling safer

The UK Gambling Commission has launched a new set of consultations to find ways of making gambling safer for consumers. The consultations will cover socially responsible gambling incentives, customer led tools such as deposit limits and the protection of customer funds amongst other areas.


Crypto-1Crypto & Virtual Assets

International financial watchdog the FSB issues a warning about the risks posed by complex crypto firms

The Financial Stability Board which brings together regulators, central banks and treasury officials from the G20 countries, has published its latest report on the financial stability implications of multifunction crypto-asset intermediaries. In it, it warns about the potentially destabilising effects on the broader financial system of complex crypto firms.

US Treasury warns crypto industry will be curtailed if it fails to act on illicit finance threats

Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo warned the crypto industry this week, that it will cut off crypto companies from the broader US economy if they don’t stop illicit money flows. He said that a lack of action presents a risk to the US economy.

Fallout from the conviction of Sam Bankman-Fried on the crypto industry

Following the conviction of ex-FTX CEO Sam Bankman Fried, there has been much focus on the wider implications for the crypto industry.

South Korea to pilot CBDC

At the end of next year, South Korea will run a three-month pilot of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) that will involve 100,000 people.



EU introduces humanitarian exceptions on sanctions regimes for 10 countries

The EU will allow exceptions for 10 sanctions regimes if the purpose is to deliver humanitarian assistance or to support basic human needs. The 10 sanctions regimes included are: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Guinea, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Tunisia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

FinCEN announces international CFT task force to freeze Hamas financing

The US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network along with twelve other financial intelligence units (FIUs) has formed a task force to disrupt international financial flows to Hamas and other terrorist organisations.


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