Kompany and KYC360


Kompany provides real-time access to primary source company information from commercial registers and financial and tax authorities around the world. This KYB data is accessible through our Screening and Onboarding modules.

Jurisdictions covered
  • Access company information from around the world
  • Sources include commercial registers, financial authorities and tax offices
  • Audit-proof data at your fingertips
  • Available through KYC360 Onboarding


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Official Sources

From Companies House UK to the National Tax Agency of Japan, Kompany’s network of company information offers an instant connection to data and documents from government registers, financial authorities and tax offices around the world, including 5.5 billion original PDF filings.

Real-time information

The Kompany register network performs live queries to the relevant primary source, retrieving data in real time and with a time stamp, ensuring that the information you’re relying on for your compliance needs is always the most up-to-date possible.

Global coverage

The Kompany network offers access to primary source information on over 115 million companies across more than 200 countries and jurisdictions around the world, with new connections added regularly.

Perpetual KYB

As the data provided by Kompany’s register network is retrieved in real time from its primary source, your team can detect compliance risks as they occur. Stay constantly aware of vulnerabilities rather than waiting for the next pre-scheduled review.



Data quality assurance

Kompany provides real-time access to primary source company information from commercial registers and financial and tax authorities around the world. The audit-proof data received is always delivered from its primary source, never from a database, and includes company filings on more than 115 million companies in over 200 countries and jurisdictions.

Its data includes:

  • Structured data sets for easier searching
  • Full indexing of company names
  • Tax ID & IBAN verification

Being able to research and analyse a wide range of corporate register data helps optimise your company screening and delivers greater insight into Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs).

How Kompany works, in their own words:

We are the industry leader in providing real-time audit-proof business verification data for anti-money laundering and regulatory compliance.

By combining AI, DLT and live company data from our global register network, we are able to offer clients access to authoritative, primary source data in real-time, ensuring they remain compliant with evolving regulations while also achieving the highest level of competitiveness. Using our network, our clients have access to original company filings and documents that include register reports and certificates, annual accounts, articles of association and historical filings.

As our platform and RegTech services are accessible via API, we also ensure the information in our network can be seamlessly integrated into existing CRM, ERP and core banking systems – as well as services such as KYC360.