Solving the challenges of onboarding complex client structures

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For professionals tasked with onboarding new clients, the many challenges posed by this critical process will be all too familiar.

Onboarding a single individual can be a long-drawn-out process with many pain points which need to be undertaken systematically and efficiently. But when it comes to onboarding complex client structures, the challenge of collecting extensive amounts of information and managing the risk effectively is elevated to a whole new level.

Recent technological innovation has made possible a step change in the ease and speed of onboarding complex client relationships. Yet, many organisations are still using outdated onboarding processes that are slow, overly complicated, and prone to duplication and error.

In this paper, we will examine what we mean by complex client structures, the additional complications presented by onboarding these types of prospects, the common pain points that may be encountered along the way, and most importantly how you can overcome them.

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