Data Providers

Our world-class data partners equip the KYC360 Customer Lifecycle Management Platform with the highest quality, most accurate and up-to-date data sources.

With KYC360, you have access to all the data sources you need to effectively manage customer risk, understand corporate structures and make informed business decisions. All in one place through a single agreement. 

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Dow Jones
Dow Jones, a global powerhouse in business information, provides global coverage of sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEP) and watchlists. Leveraging Dow Jones' extensive coverage, our screening tools enable you to identify potential risks associated with entities and individuals, ensuring your business stays compliant and secure. 
LSEG World-Check
World-Check is used by many of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions. By integrating World-Check into our onboarding process, we enable your organisation to screen against global sanctions lists, PEPs and other high-risk entities. This ensures a robust due diligence process that safeguards your business. 
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LexisNexis, a trusted name in legal and business information, enhances our onboarding tools with accurate and up-to-date data. Through their vast repository of legal and regulatory information, we streamline your onboarding process, providing a seamless customer experience while maintaining compliance with regional and industry-specific regulations. 
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Sayari, a leader in corporate KYB intelligence, is instrumental in dissecting complex business structures. Our partnership with Sayari ensures that you gain unparalleled insight into the ownership, affiliations, and hierarchies of businesses. This is crucial for risk assessment and compliance in an increasingly interconnected business world. 
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In the realm of electronic identity verification (eID&V), IDPal stands out as a reliable partner. Seamlessly integrated into the KYC360 platform, IDPal equips your organisation to verify the identities of customers swiftly and securely. This is particularly crucial in the digital age, where establishing trust in virtual interactions is paramount. 
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Kompany provides real-time access to primary source company information from commercial registers and financial and tax authorities around the world. This KYB data is accessible through our screening and onboarding modules. 

Regardless of industry or geography, KYC360 provides you with the best choice of world-class data partners to meet your specific needs. By harnessing their capabilities, KYC360 helps transform your compliance processes into a competitive advantage. From screening against global risks to unveiling intricate business structures and ensuring airtight electronic identity verification, our products are underpinned by best in class datasets.