Barrister & leading financial crime investigator Tom Devlin offers practical guidance on creating a watertight and cost effective compliance regime. He looks at systems, employee training and continuing professional development, and the critical but often overlooked issue of corporate culture.


Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to be compliant in a cost effective way
  • Examine model compliance regimes: what makes them so effective?
  • Deepen understanding of the financial crime vulnerabilities of your business

Especially relevant to:

  • MLROs & compliance officers
  • CEOs, NEDs and other managers
  • Regulators

Sectors & regions:

  • UK
  • US
  • Offshore
  • AML / CFT
  • Banking
  • Legal & advisory
  • Due diligence & compliance

Tom Devlin

Guest presenter

Tom Devlin

Tom is a partner at Stephen Platt & Associates LLP. He has advised and acted for regulators, banks, investment funds, trust companies, and professional bodies. His areas of expertise include financial crime prevention, sanctions compliance, corporate governance, and financial services and professional regulation. Between 2012 and 2014, Tom led a team of 30 in the conduct of a complex, multi-jurisdictional investigation into a unit of one of the world’s largest banks.