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31 May 2016

Interview with Art Middlemiss, partner Lewis Baach PLLC, New York

Art Middlemiss is the former Global Head of Anti Bribery & Corruption at Standard Chartered Bank. Now in full time legal practice as a partner of Lewis Baach PLLC in New York where he advises Wall Street Banks on a range of actions he talks exclusively to Tom Devlin about managing corruption risk, U.S. extra-territoriality, and how financial institutions can improve the quality of their relationships with regulators.

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    Susan Grossey: the law is just the law

    The basics of AML – knowing who your client is and where his money is from, so that you are satisfied that neither is criminal – are part of a moral code and not done just because the law says so.

    Brittle roads and gilded domes: the price of corruption in Russia

    Last year Russia’s oligarchs saw their collective wealth grow to an impressive $460 billion and the number of billionaires in their ranks rise from 77 to 96. This occurred despite the fact that several of these individuals, amongst them another Novatek stakeholder Gennady Timchenko and Stroygazmontazh owner Arkady Rotenberg, have been subjected to US and European sanctions since the Crimean referendum in March 2014.

    Pyongyang, North Korea street art

    Is your firm doing business with North Korea?

    North Korea is already the subject of stringent economic sanctions imposed by the UN, the EU and numerous individual states. Yet despite this, the country has managed to continue its nuclear programme and keep its economy, whilst far from thriving, more or less afloat.