Graphic Designer

KYC360 is an award-winning RegTech. Our solutions enable customers to accelerate time to revenue and generate significant operational efficiencies without compromising compliance performance.

We operate a streamlined SaaS platform with modular Onboarding, Screening & pKYC solutions utilised by 1000 organisations globally across a number of verticals.

We are passionate about process optimisation in our solutions – because we know it appeals to many stakeholders, which is the best and most durable way to embed our financial crime prevention technology. We call this our ‘virtuous circle’ – customers get faster slicker processes, everyone gets less financial crime. We all win together.

Job Purpose

We are looking for a mid-level graphic designer to support the marketing team to promote our brand. You would be responsible for creating all externally facing assets, working from a brief from our campaign manager.

Main Responsibilities

1. Graphic Design:

  • Design visually compelling and consistent marketing materials that resonate with our target audience.
  • Develop eye-catching brochures, infographics, web graphics and social media assets that convey complex information in a visually appealing manner.
  • Design and build emails within our HubSpot marketing platform.
  • Create aesthetically pleasing presentation materials for webinars, conferences, and product launches.
  • Collaborate closely with copywriters to integrate text and visual elements seamlessly in all design projects.

2. Brand Consistency:

  • Implement brand elements from our published design handbook.
  • Ensure that all design assets, including icons, adhere to established brand guidelines, including colour schemes, typography, and logo usage.
  • Maintain a comprehensive library of design resources, such as templates and assets, to facilitate consistent branding across various channels.
  • Conduct periodic design audits to identify and rectify any inconsistencies in marketing collateral.

3. Content Creation:

  • Develop engaging multimedia content, including interactive visuals, animations and icons, to enhance user experiences on our website and other digital platforms.
  • Create compelling imagery and graphics for email marketing campaigns and online advertisements.
  • Stay at the forefront of design trends to suggest and implement innovative visual content strategies that capture audience attention.

4. Video Production and Editing:

  • Create and edit recorded videos, product demos and tutorials that captivate our audience and effectively communicate the value of our enterprise software.
  • Collaborate with scriptwriters and content creators to storyboard video concepts and ensure they align with marketing goals.
  • Utilise motion graphics, animations and visual effects to enhance video content and maintain viewer engagement.
  • Stay updated with video editing software advancements and industry best practices to optimise production processes and quality.

5. Icon Design:

  • Craft intuitive and aesthetically pleasing icons to represent various features and functionalities of our enterprise software.\
  • Ensure that icons align with our brand identity and contribute to a cohesive user interface experience.
  • Optimise icon designs for multiple platforms and resolutions, maintaining clarity and consistency.

6. Podcast Production:

  • Record and edit podcast episodes that discuss industry trends, software features, and related topics.
  • Manage podcast distribution across various platforms, ensuring a consistent release schedule.

7. Print and Digital Expertise:

  • Expertly prepare design files for both print and digital distribution, ensuring that colours, resolution, and formats meet industry standards.
  • Work closely with print vendors to oversee the production of marketing collateral, maintaining quality control throughout the process.

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Why work for KYC360?

We are on a mission to bear down on financial crime by offering solutions that create massive operational efficiencies. The net effect of what we do is hugely positive to businesses and society.

So, apart from the very generous base salary, bonus and benefits we also offer the opportunity to join an important mission.