North Korea is already the subject of stringent economic sanctions imposed by the UN, the EU and numerous individual states. Yet despite this, the country has managed to continue its nuclear programme and keep its economy, whilst far from thriving, more or less afloat. Read More
Stefan Cassella of Asset Forfeiture Law, LLC comments on US v. Rivera-Izquierdo, which affirms that proceeds remain proceeds as they change form; when fraud proceeds are used to gamble, the gambling winnings become “proceeds” for purposes of money laundering under Section 1957. Read More
In the first of a new series of audio interviews, Amos Wittenberg speaks to Viv Jones of Eversheds Sutherland solicitors about international anti-bribery regimes. Viv wrote recently for KYC360 on Kenya's latest piece of anti-bribery legislation. Read More
KYC360's Tom Devlin interviews William Dayhoff, Director of the Virtual Threat Analysis Center in the FBI Counter Terrorism Division. Read More
The register would be the first of its kind in the world. It would detail the name, nationality, country of residence, year and month of birth, contact address, and nature and dates of control of beneficial owners; although if owners were able to show that making particular details public would put them at risk of harm then they could ask to have them omitted. Read More
The most popular driver – by a whisker, with 173 of 2015 respondents selecting it – was “I think that criminals should not be able to profit from their crimes, and AML is one weapon we can use against them”. Read More
The history of catching celebrity criminals is one of periodic innovation by law enforcement and legislators. The UK Criminal Finances Bill (CFB), due to come into law later this year, contains a few attempts at such innovation, although at the same time it underlines shortcomings in the prosecutorial approach and does little to paper over inherent technical limitations. Read More
Stefan Cassella of Asset Forfeiture Law, LLC comments on US v Bodouva, in which the Second Circuit joined all others in holding that forfeiture and restitution are both mandatory and may not be offset against each other. Read More
CEO of Barclays Plc Jes Staley is being investigated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for breaking rules about the treatment of whistleblowers. Read More
A recording discovered by the BBC's flagship investigative programme Panorama has added to a growing body of allegations that the UK's central bank pressured commercial banks to lower their Libor submissions during the 2008 financial crisis. Read More
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Does the ‘perfect’ path to anti-money laundering (AML) exist? The quest for the perfect plan can be traced back to criminals causing immeasurable damage for many economies through money laundering. In response, governments are continuously trying to fight back, issuing a raft of rules and penalties for financial institution (FIs)… Read More

How Rabobank’s compliance unit ended up in hot soup again

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