22 Mar 2017
Published in Of Counsel

Dramatic Kenyan bribery law underscores the new reality: Washington and London have no monopoly on talking tough

Kenya’s new Bribery Act, which pairs onerous obligations with severe penalties, may mark the start of a new era in which developing countries pass and enforce anti-bribery laws that are far more stringent than those in “traditional” compliance jurisdictions.

14 Mar 2017
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Article – United States v. $70,990,605: international forfeiture

Stefan Cassella of Asset Forfeiture Law, LLC comments on US v $70,990,605. Under Section 981(k), the holder of a foreign account has statutory standing to contest the forfeiture of a similar amount of money from his bank’s correspondent account in the U.S., but he still lacks Article III standing if his bank has released his money to him and he has therefore suffered no injury.