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Employees are on the front line in the fight against financial crime and the single biggest challenge for financial institutions in managing financial crime risk is employee engagement.  Helping employees to understand the vital role they play in assessing customers and transactions and determining whether they should make a Suspicious Activity Report in any given situation, is vital. Numerous examples demonstrate that if institutions spend millions on systems and controls but do not make adequate investment in engaging employees with financial crime risk on an on-going basis, they will encounter costly difficulties.

Despite the fact that employee ‘buy in’ is key many financial institutions do not take adequate steps to enthuse and interest employees in financial crime prevention. AML training has become another box to tick and this is reflected in employee detachment from an a license critical area of risk management.

Through its premium content KYC360 is dedicated to helping financial institutions win the engagement and support of employees in the fight against financial crime. By examining different predicate crime types, illustrating the link between them and money laundering and examining evolving money laundering methodologies, KYC360 educates and empowers employees. The quality of the content and its premium production value are crucial to engendering employee engagement in a diverse and rich media environment.

Enterprise wide access to KYC360 sends a very powerful message internally and externally that your organisation is fully committed to the fight against financial crime.

KYC360 offers tiered enterprise packages for between 50 and 50,000 employees at a significant discount to the price of individual core subscription. For full details of our Enterprise Subscription Packages either contact quoting ‘Enterprise Package’ or telephone +44 (0)1534 816444 and someone will deal with your query very quickly.